Ode To The Moon Returns with a New Mission

On Saturday, May 21st, Ode to the Moon invited you to return with them on a new journey to aid the victims of domestic violence. With a strong motto: break the silence, together against domestic violence.

The one hour yoga program, accompanied by the live, soulful music of vocalist Allison LaRochelle, took place at 12:00 pm at Synergy Hot Yoga located at 623 River Rd. in Fair Haven, NJ and it was a great success, raising the founds needed to start the process to become a 501c3 organization.

Ode to the Moon began 2 years ago, starting very small. The goal was simple: to invoke discussion on the topic of domestic violence and raise money to benefit the efforts of 180 Turning Lives Around, a local organization that provides shelter and resources for the survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Eleonora Zampatti is the founder of Ode to the Moon, the instructor, and a survivor herself of domestic abuse. “It is through the movement of my body that I was able to accept my past, embrace my scars, and learn how to fall in love with myself,” and it is through movement she hopes to teach everyone the poetry they hold within themselves to accept who they are, no matter what scars they bear.

Eleonora knew she needed another element to make this class stand out from the rest, something that, when paired with movement, would allow them to truly understand her mission. Meeting Allison LaRochelle at her first class at Synergy Hot Yoga was fate. Before even hearing her sound, as soon as she found out Allison was a musician, she was on the job as the voice of Ode to the Moon, and has been ever since. Only a few months later, after an in depth discussion of Eleonora’s past, the song “Lay Your Hand on Me,” was created, giving Eleonora and Ode to the Moon an anthem. Ode to the Moon continued to grow and to travel around New Jersey.

Now, after a brief hiatus, Ode to the Moon is back and needs your help with a new goal. Starting May 21st at Synergy Hot Yoga, Ode to the Moon will be going to a different studio each month this summer, leading to a big final class of the season in October ( domestic violence awarness month) at the Detour Gallery in Red Bank, NJ with the yoga class, live music, an art exposition and auctions. All of the money they raise this summer with go toward making Ode to the Moon an independent project that would now provide free services to victims. They aim to make it on their own as an organization to bring hope to the survivors of domestic abuse.