Photo by Aaron Santoro @aaronsantorofilm

Leggings by @arthleticwear

Top-Bra by @mikayogawear

We were watching a movie together. It was not too late but I was tired after a long day at work. He was purring in my arms as usual and I was, as usual, enjoying his grounding and fulfilling presence.

Then in an instant everything changed.

Life as I knew changed, he got up to go to the bathroom and he fell down the stairs. I heard him falling and I got out of bed just in time to find him at the bottom of my stairs dragging himself around with no control over his back legs anymore, sick, crying, desperately trying to get to the bathroom.

I thought he broke something, I took him and together with my partner we drove to the local Animal Hospital.

During the car ride to the veterinarian I was trying to comfort him, cuddling him gently, letting him know that everything was going to be ok, because I was there and I was going to save him. Just like he did so many times with me.

Everything was going to be ok.

Benito died that night. He had a blood clot and I had to put him to sleep. I was with him until the very end and he died in my arms, surrounded by all the love I could give him.

Benito was my cat. I got him when I moved to the USA 8 years ago and we were inseparable.

I believe we are all granted a soulmate in the course of our life. 

Someone that teaches us how to be loved, to always be there for us, to heal our soul and day after day, remind us of how beautiful we are, how worthy we are, how wonderful life is when it is lived in the name of love.

And that is what Benito was for me.

 My peace. My love.

My point zero and when he left I felt lost.

I fought against it, scared and confused I did not know how to live my life without him.

I did not want to learn how but soon I understood that love never dies.

Right after Benito's death Arthletic created this pair of leggings.

A tribute to my boy, a tribute to our love.

They did not know me personally and never met Benito but they designed him wrapped in a blanket.

Benito died in my arms, wrapped in his favorite blanket. 

When I gave him back to the doctor I asked to please keep him in his blanket. I really did not want him to be cold whereever he was going.

I was so worried about him being alone and scared and after that night I asked myself so many times if the doctor really kept him in his blanket, if he was ok, if he was cold. 

The owner and designer of Arthletic did not know any of this and and when they showed me the leggings final design I broke into tears. 

Benito was there, peaceful and happy staring at the Moon, wrapped in a blanket. 

So I asked: "Why the blanket?"

She said: "I just knew he was supposed to be painted with his blanket."


Now I know, Benito found his way to tell me that I should stop worrying. 

He has his blanket, he is ok.

He is thankful for it, he is not cold and he will never be.

He is looking over me and will always love me like I do.

Love never dies.

Athletic decided to give 100% of the profit of the sale of these pants to a local animal shelter in the hope to create a foster program to animals in need, helping find a forever home for the many cats and dogs in need in Serbia, the place were the company is from.

Ode to the Moon is proud to support them in this mission. 

I own Benito my life, he is the reason I found the strength to leave my abusive relationship and take control over my life, he is the reason I choose to learn to love my self, he is the reason why i found the strength to start my battle against domestic violence.

Please join us, buy your pair of Benito leggings now.

With love and gratitude,

Eleonora Rachele Zampatti